A couple of weeks ago we had an interesting conversation in our Instagram‘s DMs with one of our users.
This is how it went down:

fun valentine date beirut

.. aaand now here we are.

Valentine is less than a week away which means two things: some of you are frantically trying to come up with ideas for an awesome romantic date to enjoy with your partner while the rest of you are enjoying the single life (enjoy it while it lasts).

Since we know the streets of Beirut like the back of our hands, we wanted to help you plan a fun date inside the city that is sure to make for a great Valentine’s day.
You’ve done the fancy wine and dine, cheese and wine and Netflix and chill and you’ve “voluntarily” watched 50 shades more times than you care to admit, but this year, this year you feel like doing something different and rightly so, because you swear if you watch Mr. Grey one more time…

Alright, we went around Beirut on our scooters looking for hidden gems to share with you. The places we chose had to pass our 3 criteria test:

  1. They shouldn’t break the bank!
  2. They should be tucked away from the more crowded places but most importantly…
  3. They needed to be places where you can have a memorable time with your SO.

So, below you’ll find our recommended places and activities to do in Beirut for you to plan what we think is the perfect date.
We’ve organized them in 3 categories: Food, Flowers (it’s Valentine’s after all) and Fun. Ready? Let’s go:





L’Autre Bistro

Nestled away from all the traffic that Hamra is infamous for, l’Autre Bistro is one of our favorite spots in town for a quiet romantic dinner.
Once you step inside, you’ll forget that you’re in the city. Check below what people have said about it:

user review of l'autre bistro restaurant in hamra



Au Bistrot De Michel

Located in one of the quietest alleys of Achrafieh, Au Bistrot De Michel is one of the coziest spots to go to if you’re looking for the perfect romantic date. You’ll feel like you’re in Paris but without the Eiffel tower.

Dar Bistro

If you’re more of a laid back low key kind of person, Dar Bistro hits the right spot. Go there around sunset and enjoy a relaxing date sitting in their country side like garden right in the middle of busy Beirut.

Flowers (pro tip: never forget the flowers!)


Vert et Ciel

Right after diamonds, they say that a well arranged flower bouquets is a girl’s best friend.
Catering to all special occasions and especially Valentine’s, Vert et Ciel has a beautiful range of plants, floral arrangements and delicious chocolates that are bound to please any couple.
You’ll find the cute little shop in the Ain Mreisseh area, the hub of hotels in Beirut and also one of their outlets inside the AUBMC hospital. You know, in case you ever have your heart broken.


This shop has¬†floral bouquets all hand arranged by Madame Leila the shop’s owner.

The Blossoms Shop

Are you more of an online ordering kind of guy? Blossoms is the shop for you. Browse their wide selection of flowers and plants all while sitting in your pajamas on your favorite couch.



If on the other hand you’re more of a hands on kind of guy, grab a Loop scooter from the closest station to you and head out for some fun and convenient Valentine’s day shopping.
She’ll appreciate it more anyways, trust us.
Sign up here.




Live Love Beirut App

Valentine’s isn’t only dinners and flowers though. If you’re more of an adventurous couple as you probably are, here’s a brilliant way to discover each other while discovering the city. Go download the Live Love app and you’ll be presented with a map filled with amazing places all around the country for you to go out and do some internal tourism.

Escape the Room

Puzzle freaks, rejoice! Have you ever wanted to live inside of an Agatha Christie novel? Here’s your opportunity. Test your partner’s detective powers by getting locked together in a room and… no, not that.. and solve puzzles to try and escape the room. Can you beat the highest score?

Horsh Beirut

We’re as green as it gets, and we get it if your idea of a romantic date is a picnic in a park. We’ve heard rumors that the Horsh Beirut park is open to the public, so go out and give it a try and if you don’t mind a third wheel (well, technically a fourth wheel since we already have 2), let us know, we’ll be right over.

Joon on the Moon

Crayons, scissors and glittery stuff, show off your artisanal skills by taking your lover to this boutique / workshop space and create something together to keep as a memory. A word of caution though, if you’re good enough your partner might ask you to knit them a sweatshirt. You’ve been warned.

Onomatopoeia Beirut

If you’re both audiophiles and you can’t stop sharing with each other obscure music tracks that you’ve found somewhere in the deep crevices of SoundCloud, Onomatopoeia is the perfect place for your date. Even the name is musical.

Aaliya’s Books

Nerd love is true love. Want to read a book together? (please don’t let it be 50 Shades of Grey). Head down to Gemmayzeh and keep your eyes peeled to the right until you come across Aaliya’s books. Go in, pick a corner and revel in your own fantasy… book!



What’s the best way to go out and explore all that charming Beirut has to offer?
Sign up to the Loop Global app today and you’ll have access to a fleet of electric scooters found all around the city to make your travel between all of your favorite places as exciting as it should be.




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