How Does The System Work

Tired of the traffic in Beirut? (Aren’t we all?) Get access to a fleet of smart electric scooters to help you commute inside the city all from your mobile phone!

Download the Loop Global app on either iOS or Android

Choose the nearest scooter to your location

Book the scooter through the app and you’ll receive a 4 digit PIN code.

Input the PIN code on the scooter’s screen to unlock it and you’re ready to ride!

Ride done? You can return the scooter to any of our stations.

You will get an invoice at the end of each ride. You can also check the history of your rides from inside the app.

Any driving license works (not necessarily a motorcycle license). Awesome!

No Subscription Fees

Riding Fees


for each kilometer you ride!


for each minute you park!

Save Time with Loop

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loop?

Loop has recently become the most convenient way to move around cities suffering from traffic congestion.
As a venture backed technology startup, Loop is an app-based service that operates a fleet of smart electric scooters and charging stations making the commute of the modern city dweller more enjoyable, more efficient and more sustainable. As part of the sharing economy, we believe that the future of transportation is based on access instead of ownership.

Nice, how do I reserve a scooter?

With a tap of a button, you will have access to a fleet of modern electric scooters spread all across the city for you to ride from one location to the next. Download the Loop Global app available on both IOS and Android and add your credit card information. Once your account is verified and after having attended a super quick orientation session, you’re ready to go.

What are the charges for riding Loop?

With Loop you pay as you go. You can ride for less than a dollar and park for as much as a penny. Each kilometer is for US$ 1.67 and each minute of parking is for US$ 0.1.

Do I need a driver's license?

Yes but not necessarily a motorcycle license. Any car driving license, whether local, international or from another country, is good enough. You’ll be prompted to upload a photo of your license to the app during your sign up process.

How do I turn the scooter screen on?

Once you reach your scooter, please press the ‘mode’ button until the screen wakes up. There you can enter the 4 digits PIN that you see in the app to activate the scooter.

What kind of scooter will I be riding?

All our scooters are 100% electric. They’re lightweight which makes them super easy to ride and maneuver, even for the complete beginner. The scooter can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h due to its 1 Kw hub motor, making overtaking inner city traffic a breeze.

Am I responsible for charging the scooter?

No, our operations team makes sure that all the scooters are always properly charged, however since you are part of a sharing service, plugging your scooter once your ride is done is greatly encouraged so that other users can enjoy it as well.
Scooters below a certain battery level will not be available for reservation.

I'm going to start using Loop, do I have to go out and buy a helmet?

No, we’ll take care of that too. Each Loop scooter comes with a high quality helmet.
Our helmets are universal and unisex and therefore should fit all head sizes.
You will also find a disposable hygienic wrap to place inside of the helmet available in the cargo box. Please make sure you wear the helmet at all times during your ride.

I am just in town for a couple of weeks, can I use Loop?

First of all, welcome! Make sure you have a valid credit card and a valid driving license. All you have to do is to download the app, get validated and you can get going. Enjoy beautiful Beirut!

Can my friend sit behind me on the same scooter?

No, riding around with a friend behind you is surely fun but it’s also not allowed. Our scooters are for solo riders and there is a penalty for carrying an extra passenger.
Have your friend grab another scooter, there are plenty of them and it’s more fun this way.

I am having some technical issues, who do I call?

We’re here to help. You can call our hotline directly from inside the app by going to ‘Settings‘ > ‘Contact Us‘.

  • Lost Helmet: US$ 50
  • Riding Without Helmet: User’s account suspended for 1 week
  • Traffic Violation: User will pay the amount of the violation
  • Towing: User will pay the amount of the towing
  • Unauthorized Passenger / Extra Passenger on Scooter:¬†User’s account suspended for 1 week
What do you mean by sharing service? Can I rent the scooter overnight?

No, a sharing service is based on the use of a service or a product among the subscribers on a short term basis only. In order for everyone to benefit from the service, a rider should use the scooter from one location to the next and then end his trip, allowing other riders to use the scooter.

And where can I find a scooter?

Our scooters are located in Loop stations that are available in several spots around Beirut. You can pick a scooter or drop one there.
You can find a map of the stations on our website or in the app.

What is the membership fee?

There is no membership fee! You pay only for what you ride.

Should I forget about Loop if I've never ridden a scooter/motorcycle before?

Not at all and here’s why. In our effort to encourage more people to commute by electric scooters, when you sign up to Loop, you will be assigned a mandatory orientation session offered by one of our certified Loop instructors. They will guide you through the scooter functions and will teach you how to ride. You’ll get going in no time.

Okay I'm done with my ride, where can I leave the scooter?

We hope you’ve enjoyed your ride. You can end your trip at any of our stations. Check the app to find the closest one to you.
N.B: Your trip will not end if you are not inside the station. You can click on the station’s pin symbol for a specific address.

How long does the battery last?

The battery will last you a long time. The range is up to 50 km with a maximum speed of 50 km/hour.

That scooter surely can't climb hills, can it?

You’d be surprised. Loop is a tough little orange scooter with enough power to climb moderate hills without sacrificing the top speed. Don’t go climbing Everest though!

I think I'm going to grab a coffee on my way to the meeting, can I stop for that?

Yes you can. You have the option to put the scooter in park mode instead of ending your trip whenever you need to make a stop during your ride. You can do so by pressing and holding the ‘off’ button on the upper right side of the screen and then pressing and holding the ‘parking symbol’ on the left side of the dashboard.
Your PIN is valid as long as you have not ended your trip.

Awesome! Does that mean I can go wherever I want on the scooter?

Not quite. Loop performs best when inside city roads, that means no highways and no extra-long distances. Check the map on the app to learn about the boundaries. Crossing the boundary is subject to a penalty, and frankly no one likes that.

It's raining but I need to get to my meeting, can I grab a scooter?

We like your attitude! Yes you can, you just need to be extra careful since your vision and also car riders’ vision is limited. Pay special attention to your lane position and visibility.

I just had an accident, what should I do?

Please call our hotline immediately and we’ll be right with you. You can reach us on 81 666 825.
Make sure you are safe and please wait for one of our team members to be with you.

Can I read your terms and conditions?

Absolutely, you can find them here. Let us know if anything is unclear!

Book An Orientation Session Today! 81 666 825