highway traffic in beirut during rain


Once the first rain drops hit the streets of Beirut, traffic becomes a disaster – more so than it already is.
A trip of 20 minutes in regular traffic takes 40 in the winter; understandable since drivers tend to go slower on wet roads in order to avoid slipping and crashing.
Having a way to beat the traffic becomes even more important during winter and what’s one of the best ways to slip past the gridlock? Two wheels! But not any two wheels, bright orange two wheels: Loop Scooters.


Here are our 5 tips for riding an electric scooter in the rain:

1- Clothing:

Wearing proper clothing is crucial if you plan to ride in the rain. Make sure that your clothes are weather proof and insulating to avoid getting both cold and wet.

Here’s a list of what you should wear:

  • Gloves
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof pants
  • Heavy duty boots
  • Neckwarmer


joey from friends wearing many clothing layers

2- Helmet:

Always wear a helmet regardless of the weather! If you’re riding under the rain make sure the helmet you’re wearing has a visor to keep the water from hitting your face and jeopardizing your visibility. This is why we make sure that every one of our scooters has a high quality helmet with a full frontal visor┬áto keep you safe during your ride.


guy opening and closing helmet visor

3- Choose your path carefully:

Once it starts raining and especially after a long dry period, a lot of dirt, oil and other fluids that have been deposited on the road float to the surface which makes it slippery. Avoid riding in the middle of the road where most of the stuff accumulates and stick to riding on the sides or in the path of the wheel tracks left by other traffic since this would be the cleanest part of the surface.


rainbow oil puddle on asphalt
Oil puddle: Avoid at all costs!

4- Focus on the road:

Be aware of road markings, traffic signs and pedestrians and try to steer away from manhole covers since they tend to become extra slippery when wet.


water erupts from manhole cover

5- Go slower:

Wet roads means less traction for the tires. Leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you (check out the 2 second rule) and most importantly, go slower! Riding in the rain is not that different from riding when it’s dry, it’s just that everything takes a little longer to come to a halt and drivers’ reaction time is slightly slower due to decreased visibility.

Bonus tip:

In extreme rain, don’t ride. Take a cab or better yet, grab a cup of warm coffee and wait for the rain to subside.


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